Mudchute Workshop

Location: Mudchute Farm, London
Type: Mudchute Farm, London
Client: London Metropolitan University
Collaborators: George Fereday, James Payne
Duration: 1 week
Status: complete
Photographs: Stephen Blunt, Okra

Okra led a week-long structures workshop with a group of second year architecture students from The School of Art, Architecture & Design (formerly the CASS), London Metropolitan University.

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The workshop explored the properties of timber and the structural principles of framing to construct a covered belvedere looking out over the Mudchute landscape. Students tested various connections and methods of fabrication, before establishing the structure on its site.

Built in locally sourced square section timbers, the structure negotiates the site topography, explores the use of prefabrication and contemplates the versatility of framing in different contemporary applications.

Okra have worked with London Metropolitan University on the structures workshops for the past four years, collaborating with different tutors, specialists and exploring a wide range of timber technologies and building methods in each workshop.