Yard Life 02

Location: Southwark, London
Type: Public Event
Client: N/A Self-Initiated
Collaborators: Studio Lorenz Klingebiel, Vangeli Moschopoulos, Kezia Harper, Antoine Marinot, Max Johns, Hannah Wolfe, Kaymet London, Brunswick East, Wickes Deptford, Selco Old Kent Road
Duration: December 2019
Status: Completed

YL–OSB–01 was the second event in the Yard Life Series at Kaymet Yard and a winter exhibition exploring local manufacturing in London.

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At the centre of the exhibition were 30 Yard Life Over–Sized Bags (YL–OSB–01 – 30), designed and prototyped at Kaymet Studios, manufactured in London and produced from the waste tarpaulin from Yard Life 2019.

Bags were displayed on a timber gridded frame, which created a semi-internal exhibition space to display a fully-costed receipt accounting for materials, transport and labour costs at London Living Wage for freelancers. All the bags were either pre-ordered via instagram or sold on the day at cost price.

A timber braced pyramid structure welcomed visitors and introduced them to the prototype bag made by designers Kezia Harper, Studio Lorenz Klingebiel, Vangeli Moschopoulos and Okra. A bar served drinks accompanied by proverbs printed on receipts to ponder in the yard, chestnuts were roasted and Welsh rarebit was made on site and served with a breakdown of costs.

Yard Life is an ongoing, biannual series of events hosted in the front yard of Kaymet London Ltd, a metal tray making factory, stonemasons workshop and design studios near to the Old Kent Road. The events are a collaboration between designers and makers based at Kaymet. Within the political, economic and social context of the area, which has been designated for complete transformation, Yard Life reimagines how light industrial spaces can contribute to city life.